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Question [25 Dec 2007|09:06am]

Does anyone know how to convert a divx type video to wmv or avi?
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Installation - Help Please [16 Mar 2007|01:29pm]

[ mood | Cranky and sick. ]

Okay so whenever I try to install DivX I get a message like this:
"DivXConnectionTester.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

I've re-downloaded over and over again and nothing works... Can someone help me out?

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[15 Jan 2007|02:47pm]


When I try to install dvix this error message come up:

The application has failed to start because qt-dx331.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

yeah..so my question is, how do I solve this?
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dvd help [03 Aug 2006|01:17pm]

Hey guys!
Well I recently got a DVD recorder and it works brillantly, but when I upload the recordings to my computer its in mpeg4 format. As its in this format I can't open it in Windows Movie Maker to make clips for my sites and I was just wondering if anyone knows what I could do or if there was something to convert the mpeg4's to avi so then I can open them in WMM? Thanks xx
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DivX-enabled DVD players [03 May 2006|07:23am]

I'm planning to buy a DVD player that can play DivX, XviD, .avi, and other formats that most other players can't play. I think I'd like to get either the Toshiba SD-3990 or the Philips DVP642.

I've been reading really conflicting opinions on both of these as to how well it actually plays DivX, and how flimsy and poor quality they are in general. I would really like more input from anyone who has either of these players. Can it handle stuff like anime with subtitles? How often do you have problems with it not playing these files correctly or at all? Will it play DVD-Rs or does it need to be DVD+R?

Also, I haven't bought a DVD player outside of DVD burners for computers in quite a long while, so sorry if this is a really stupid question, but can these DivX-enabled players only play these files on DVDs or can they also play CD-Rs with video files?

Thanks in advance if you can help.

x-posted to a couple of other places.
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probable n00b question [01 May 2006|10:24am]

Edit: Ha! I fixed it! ^_^;; Turns out the problem was simply that tmpgenc was all screwed up. I know, 'screwed up' is a very technical term. All I can attribute this to is it being confused and somehow stuck in a way that it ignored all audio on the video files. I uninstalled it and deleted all the folders that it was in and reinstalled it and voila! It works now. Thanks anyway. XP

Hi, I hope this is an okay thing to ask in this community. ^_^;; I'm asking because I think the problem MAY be being caused by a divx or other plugin? ;_; I just can't figure this out. x.x;

I'm trying to convert and burn Densha Otoko fansub avi files to DVD. I've successfully converted other shows, with no problems on sound. I use tmpgenc.

The problem is that after I burned the first disk there was no SOUND. The video is fine, but no SOUND. Also, it's impossible to CHECK if the sound is good before I burn a disk since I don't have a single program that can play mpeg-2 files properly (lots won't play them right to protect copyrights I think?) So! Question is: Any idea why this one isn't converting right with the sound? Maybe it has a plugin that tmpgenc doesn't recognize? What can I do about it? Also, any programs that'll play mpeg-2 files properly in Windows?

Any help is really really appreciated. Sorry if this is totally n00b-ish. ^_^;; I'm self-teaching on all this stuff and it can be really confusing at times. ^_^;;

I'm having a few other dvd burning problems but I figure that isn't really on-topic for this community. But if anyone is a practiced dvd burner and is willing to answer a few questions or if you have any good help links I'd really appreciate it!!
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VirtualDub [12 Apr 2006|01:12am]
Hi there knowledgeable people :)

Am I being really thick or is there no way to preview the audio output along with the video output of your dub? I can't see an obvious one, and lots of my files seemed to have errors in which pushed the audio out somewhat, so I need to shift it all... Only thing is I can't seem to test whether I've got my delays right until after saving again, which involves full processing :P I can keep the video streamed from the first time, since the errors are fixed :), but it still takes about 5mins each time to sort the audio. It'd be nice to know I've got it right before I start the processing is all. Any help?
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Sony vs Adobe [11 Apr 2006|06:42pm]
Can anyone compare Sony's DVD Architect with Adobe's Encore for me? I just can't really be bothered to try Encore since Sony does the job so well... But if anyone tells me Adobe's thaat much better, I suppose I can give it a shot. Alls I wanna do is make my divx files work in a TV DVD player that's old (so that's vob and all the added goodies that come with), and if I can do it without getting a new dvd player then that's all well and good :) You may tell me that the software costs more than a new DVD player, but it'd fall on deaf ears :P
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avi2dvd conversion [11 Mar 2006|01:11pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

what i have: two .AVIs in DX50, 3.3Gb and 1.4Gb, which are /* as i guess */ just copies of DVD tracks. they are in NTSC, 720*400, 29.97fps.

what i need: to make dvd structure out of them /* i DON'T need to burn 'em */. i also don't need MPEG2 and related stuff, just VOBs.

that's a common question, but i've spent nearly 3-4 days in searching for a coder. i've tested more than 15 (Ulead, Adobe, VSO, Canopus, Aurora, Cucusoft, Intervideo, TMPG, WinAVI, etc) and they all lack something that i need. can someone give me some advice on what is the right stuff to use here?

(crossposted to video_geeks)

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[24 Jan 2006|05:23am]
Yo people, me again. This time I'm less of a n00b and have figured much out. These are less relevant to divx though :( Couple of qu's:

1. Can I share a programme through something like FolderShare, so that I can send the prepared dvd project (eg from Sony Architect) to another PC that has a DVD writer, and thus burn it using said DVD writer and my copy of Architect?
2. What frame rate would you recommend as a minimum for anime? - If possible (circumstantial I know)
3. Can you convert from a *.dar (Sony Architect project) file to a *.iso or similar? This would be zooper cool cos I could potentially compress that and make CDs...
4. Can you use a *.iso to make a dvd from? Now theere's a thought... Only if I can convert to it though :P *fries brain*
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Questttionnn. [14 Jan 2006|03:50am]

Hey there. I hope this is the right place to ask... Does anyone know of any good and FREE video converters? Specifically ones that can convert various DVD files into MPEG?
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Crazy cartoon writing [14 Jan 2006|05:03am]
This is a taste of what I did last night:

I finally found software!! You apparently need to convert file formats into *.vob for them to run on a DVD PLAYER (one that doesn't record or read DivX). So you need to get hold of WinAVI Video Converter. Also, Sony Architect is awesome at making menus etc for said DVD, so you get the menu same as pro discs made by companies. These can be scrolled through with remote just like any other. However, it'll take me some time to figure that part out, since I have no DVD writer *frowns* to just write some to try it. I'm hopefully now converting Sexy Commando to said format, and will whisk it up to Matt's PC via hopefully foldershare, to burn to DVD. I'll also have to get Sony Architect for him... Costly business this, but worth it!! Then I can have all my fav cartoons on disc so I don't have them taking up valuable space on my HDD. You also need various codecs for this: DivX codec, XViD codec, MP3 codec (Lame). I don't think you need all those codecs, but they're small and will probably come in handy someday. Some sites say you do, some you don't, so I got 'em anyway - they're mostly free. I know they're all free if you know where/how to look, but I don't like that sort of thing. Now I must find out what irrelevant crap (codecs etc) I installed, and uninstall it promptly. All whilst doing a thermal physics paper...

The rest can be seen, hereCollapse )
Will let y'all know about Sony results in the mornin - it's been going half an hr and it's still on 0%! OooooO it jumped to 1%! *bounces*
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Screencaps [26 Dec 2005|11:15pm]

I just downloaded version 6.0, and I have a few .AVI files. But it won't let me make caps, it just has the black screen. Can anyone help?
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Help..obviously.. [02 Dec 2005|09:01pm]

Hey I have a Powerbook G4, and I have a DVD burner.. and I have some dowloaded movie files(.mpg .avi and .dixv) on my computer that I want to burn to DVD, but I have no idea how to do it.. someone once said something about DIVX, so I thought I would ask.

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[25 Oct 2005|11:00pm]

So I got this movie I downloaded and it downloaded into .ISO. I would like to convert it to MPEG or AVI, but the program referred to me(Daemon Tools)seems to only work if you've got the file on a cd. The file is on my hard drive and I do not have a burner.

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[22 Oct 2005|12:29am]

I'm here to ask this one question: I have a movie file (specifically Cats in *.avi), that is too big to be burned onto a CD, and my laptop does not allow DVD-burning. This is why I wanted to split it in halves.
Now... does anyone know how to divide a movie file into separate parts using VirtualDub? I have tried selecting a part with those beginning and end markers and then cropping it, but when I told it to save that, it said that it would take 2 hours, and then used up 4 Gb of space on 3 minutes of the film.
Was this supposed to happen? If so, please tell me of any other program you know that will split the movie for me without clogging all my disk space. If not, please tell me where I went wrong.
Thank you. If anyone puts me out of my misery anytime soon I will be immensely grateful, for now I feel a total loser and the movie still sits in my computer eating up disk space.
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[29 Sep 2005|10:29pm]

hey! i have an urgent [not really] question! i looked for memories to see if its been asked and nothing (AT ALL) so here t goes...

does anyone know how to take screen caps from divx?! ill be very apprreciative for any and all info on this!!!!!! thanks!
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DivX Bundle - Free Download [29 Sep 2005|07:11am]


Hurry, it will go away soon!
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